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‘Seals in danger’ themed Poster Design Competition held in Beijing last month

Translated by Yanling Lin from

On November 30th last year, a news conference ‘say no to Canadian seal products’ was held in Beijing, opening up a battle against the import of Canadian seal products to China. A year later, on November 19th, the award ceremony “‘Seals in danger’ themed Poster Design Competition” was launched in Beijing, bringing public attention back to the battle towards seal products.

Ever since the Canadian seal products were introduced into Chinese market with the support of Canadian government, the condemnation and protest of Chinese people from all walks of life have never ceased. With countless news conference, open letter, CPPCC proposals, music concerts, photo exhibition and lectures initiated to uncover the brutality of seal industry, many animal welfare organizations and individuals from cities including Beijing, Guangzhou, Jinan, Dalian, Xiamen, Shenzhen and Shanghai have reached out to the public, calling for collective denial to seal products, as well as the advent of Law of Animal Protection in China.

But the crimes are not stopped. Canadian prime minister is going to visit China soon in order to promote Sino-Canadian economic and trade relations, accompanied by an intention to open up Chinese market for seal products, which was made possible by a contract agreed on by the two countries. After America and European countries saw legislative change to prohibit the trade of seal products, the fate of the seals is now held in Chinese consumers’ hands.

To raise Chinese people especially the young’s awareness on the truth of seal industry, a competition named “‘Seals in danger’ themed Poster Design Competition” sponsored and organized by Tengxun Cooperation and many other international and domestic animal welfare organizations was held on Oct.4 this year, bringing in many touching designs created by the Chinese young. 

The cofounder of China Animal Protection Journalist Salon told reporter that since one year ago there have been protests by Chinese animal welfare organizations against the import of Canadian seal products, the conference therefore was a summary of the year-long battle.

The 20,000 yuan ($7,000) worth of first prize goes to a poster Mom, It’s cold In the center, the bloodstained cross stood out shockingly in the black and white background.

According to the event organizer, Zhan Dan, within one month, the committee received more than 240 works from participants all over the world, among which include many from well-known universities inside and outside China.

An exhibition of posters that won first and second prizes:

(In the world’s northernmost point lives a mysterious creature: seal. They have emotions, love and friendship just like us. God send warm fur to protect them, but humans slaughter them for their precious gifts. In 2011,37917 seals were killed. 2008,335000 and from 2004 to 2006 the number jumped to 1 million)

(we want to see happy and lively seals, not lifeless furs behind the shop window. Say NO to seal products.)


(Can you feel the pain they experience?

Are you willing to

Sacrifice this valuable life

For one clothing?)

(GOD! Give back my kid!)


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  2. Lisa Price December 28, 2011 at 2:34 PM

    SAFAR are brilliant. :o)

  3. Anneke December 29, 2011 at 4:22 AM

    Great works you’re doing!

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