Student Alliance for Animal Rights

A letter from a Chinese student about her taking action to help rescued animals

Qiaoyun Wang
Translation: Munan Du

I joined SAFAR because I always wanted to do something real and meaningful for the animals. After talking to our SAFAR members, I came up with the idea to raise and donate clothes to the dogs in Yellow River Helping Center for Homeless Animals. From writing on the blackboard to spread the word, picking up the phone call from the first enthusiastic volunteer, or sending the donations to Jinan, we all gained the experiences and felt the love.

During one of SAFAR China’s online meetings, SAFAR members Yuankun, Yuhan and Menglian made a speech on the issues of homeless animals in China, which made me realize of the serious situation. Then I came up with an idea–to organize an event to raise and donate clothes. We hoped to come up with better ways to improve the situation through practice. After talking to SAFAR leaders Shiming and Yuankun and considering the fact that there was no animals shelters in Hefei (where our school was located), we decided to raise and donate clothes to the dogs in Yellow River Helping Center for Homeless Animals in Jinan. On the next day, we wrote helping letters on the blackboard on the two of the dormitory buildings to spread the word. On the same day, I received the first phone call from a volunteer, then my phone kept ringing. Lots of friends were willing to help. They asked me where the helping center was and they wanted to go and do something for the animals. Some of them didn’t understand why the center was in Jinan, which is far away from the school. But after they heard about the condition of Yellow River Helping Center for Homeless Animals and the story of the head of the center, Shuxia Liu, they were moved and hoped that I could continue raising clothes for the dogs. They themselves as well wanted to continue helping the dogs. We raised 4 big bags of clothes in 4 days. Many thanks to Shimin, who sent the donations all the way to Jinan.

I think there are lots of animal lovers in China, especially among the college students. They all have the passion to do some charity work. But sometimes, they are lacking of a platform to realize what they can do to help. Also, college students are very important implementers in the process of animal protection. We need to find a better way to encourage more people to join and take actions. And since we come from different places, we can take actions in different cities around the world. Even though what each of us is doing might be small and trivial, it’s definitely going to make a big difference when it comes to the collective result.

A letter from dogs in Yellow River Helping Center, asking for our help

Dear Friends,

My name is Little Grey. I’m a little dog from an animal shelter. We are having a poor but happy life here. We have so many kind and helpful people taking care of me and my other friends. But winter is coming. Many friends of us don’t have warm shelters. If you can give us one piece of old clothes, we can get a lovely and cozy bed to spend the winter:) If you want to help me, please contact my friend Big Grey.

Thank you!


Little Grey)

Pictures of Shuxia, the founder of Yellow River Helping Center and the rescued puppies.


One response to “A letter from a Chinese student about her taking action to help rescued animals

  1. sabrina kemp (@szerbus) February 9, 2012 at 4:14 AM

    please stop this extremely painful performance on the bears to produce bile and set them free.

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