Student Alliance for Animal Rights

Kindergarten kids learn animal protection through paper-folding (organized by SAFAR members in Hefei)

SAFAR members from Hefei Normal University organized a paper-folding workshop in Yulan Kindergarten in February, which aimed to educate children about wildlife conservation in China through interactive and creative activities.

Our member is teaching children to fold animal shapes.

Children are eager to learn how to draw dogs on paper.

A small “collection” of lovely drawings.

Our member and volunteers are teaching the fact of bear farming and how we can do to end this cruel industry.

Sticking paper-folded bears onto the board.

“I wish bear babies can go back home soon”, after exposed to the cruelty of bear farming industry, children expressed their willingness to free moon bears from endless suffer.

This workshop is one of the “mobile classroom” series launched by SAFAR China team.

Please help us organize more creative activities to reach to students at all ages in China by donating today.

$30 will help us organize one workshop in one kindergarten/primary school

$50 will help us organize one lecture/seminar in one university

$80 will help us organize musical festival in one university

Please donate and name one “mobile classroom” event as you wish!

Donation link available in this blog and our website:

“Nurturing the young’s passion to voice for the voiceless”

—-SAFAR team


2 responses to “Kindergarten kids learn animal protection through paper-folding (organized by SAFAR members in Hefei)

  1. myviewonchristianity December 12, 2012 at 6:32 PM

    God bless your work!! Touching to see Chinese people fighting for animal welfare!! Shang di zhu fu ni men!!!

  2. Eden January 3, 2015 at 6:48 AM

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